Sunday, 24 January 2010

Last weekend,

...Robin Grey and his band - Amy, Iain, Joe and me - went to play a gig in Devon. Thanks to John Gower, who organized the whole event, and his friends, who looked after, fed and very kindly hosted us, we all had just an amazing time.
It all begun on Saturday morning at Paddington station. We got on a train and the only thing we could all think about was BREAKFAST. See just how excited we all were...

Then, with our stomachs full, we fully enjoyed every minute of our 3,5h journey.

Picked up from the station by our kind hosts, we were brought to the venue for a sound check.
The dressing room made a big impression on each of us...

But not as big as the hospitality of John and his befriended neighbors, I must admit.
We had a lovely dinner, went for a pint of a local beer in a local pub and came to the venue to hear the first set played by Katie Marie.
There are some great shots from that night by Lisa Robins, to be seen at

Next morning, after a yummy yummy breakfast at John's, we were getting ready to leave.

And although it looks like it could be the end...

yet it wasn't. Instead of dropping us straight to the train station, John had a little surprise. We drove, we walked...

until we saw...

We all were amazed.

There was some jumping involved (although it didn't save Joe's shoes for long... yep, we all had a meeting with an unexpected wave just a bit later).

The beauty of the surroundings was indeed impressive. We all went nuts...

And that's the end of the story. At least no more pictures were taken.
While my Contax keeps recovering from that unexpected wave, we all have played another gig already, this time in London town. Great fun again :)

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